Sacred Step Mom Cares For Step Son’s Devotion: Morning Wood To Church


A deeply devoted step son sleeps peacefully next to his bed, his morning wood trapped in his shorts. He misses his step mom’s warm embrace. After getting ready for church, he smells her perfume on his pillow and feels a stirring in his pants. He yearns for her touch. When she enters the room, her eyes lock on his boner. She bends down and caresses it with her soft hands, then kisses it lovingly. Her hand slips into his underwear, gently massaging his shaft while whispering sweet nothings into his ear. Her voice melts his senses and he wants nothing more than to feel her on top of him. They make love passionately in the bed, both knowing that every touch is sacred. The resignation to never be able to have her makes the encounter even more intense. The screams of carnal pleasure fill the air. After they are done, he gets up for church with a grateful heart and a warm body. He knows his step mom will be there waiting for him.

Date: February 15, 2024